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We centralize your information and provide you with a consolidated, easy-to-understand view of your assets.



Delivering Expertise and Highly Personalized Service

Since our founding in 1931, Fiduciary Trust has served the custodial needs of affluent individuals, families, registered investment advisors, institutions, retirement plans, foundations and endowments. We welcome the challenge of assisting the most sophisticated clients and their advisors, helping to bring transparency and control to complex investment management structures.

As part of Franklin Templeton Investments, we align our deep capabilities with the security and technological advantages of a global financial leader, including an extensive business continuity plan that provides seamless servicing to you.

With a dedicated relationship management team as your primary contact, we manage with the utmost flexibility to deliver custody solutions as personal and unique as your financial situation.

Our Custody Services Offer:

  • Safekeeping of your assets
  • Worldwide security settlement
  • Cash management solutions
  • Comprehensive accounting, reporting and performance measurement
  • Retirement plan services, including benefit payment processing and tax reporting

Safekeeping Your Assets

Fiduciary Trust has long been dedicated to navigating global markets and safeguarding client assets through changing and challenging times.


Transparency and Efficiency

Taking the Complexity out of Your Finances

By simplifying the complexities of working with multiple managers and advisors, we ensure seamless administration and provide a clear view of your overall financial picture. As master custodian, we promote an easy-to-understand view of your assets through:

  • A Personalized, Consolidated View of Your Investments

We centralize your investment information allowing you and your advisors to benefit from an in-depth understanding of your assets and holdings.

  • Online Access to Your Portfolio Information

Your comprehensive portfolio information, including holdings, market valuation and transaction activity, is available to you anytime.

  • Comprehensive Data Flow

Our systems facilitate the flow of detailed information so it can be efficiently loaded into portfolio management systems. Quick access to this data simplifies the reconciliation of portfolio changes and can provide a greater degree of control in monitoring your investments.

Streamlining Your Finances

As your master custodian, we centralize your investment information and act as your single point of contact across your various financial services providers.

Seamless Account Administration

Seamless Account Administration

We take care to efficiently manage the many administrative functions across your accounts. These include tax-effectively settling securities, cash management, collecting dividends and interest, processing proxy and corporate action materials and processing pension payments. Our areas of expertise span:

  • Worldwide Security Settlement

Our network of global sub-custodians support your cross-border investment needs, including settlement and processing of securities and foreign exchange transactions and multi-currency reporting. We are able to value clients’ investment portfolios in US dollar or the local country’s currency in more than 80 countries throughout the world.

  • Cash Management Solutions

Cash held in your accounts is always working for you. Our short-term investment options include tailored money market pools, interest-bearing money market deposit accounts and CDs.

  • Managing Corporate Actions

To ensure your ability to make informed decisions, we obtain information from multiple sources, tracking and providing notification on all corporate actions affecting your portfolios—including stock splits, mergers, tender offers, proxies, and tax-related reporting.

Efficient Administration

We seamlessly manage the many administrative duties associated with your accounts.

Tax Considerations

From Preparing to Reporting, We Make Filing Less Taxing

With a single pane of visibility into the complex interactions of investments, we manage the planning, preparing and reporting of taxes for our clients.

  • Monitoring Tax Considerations

Our tax reports provide a comprehensive view of your annual portfolio activity. Our multi-currency trust accounting system maintains the necessary records to collect and report on any dividends or interest payments earned from assets held by us in the portfolio.

  • Retirement Services

We provide complete custody for a wide range of retirement plans. Our services include processing of contributions and distributions, account conversions, benefit payment processing and related tax reporting.

  • Simpliying Tax Preparation

Data is presented by major tax categories, such as long and short-term capital gains and losses, qualified and non-qualified dividends, and interest income by source, helping to simplify tax preparation.

Tax Planning Made Easier

Our comprehensive tax reporting and detailed records management help simplify tax preparation.

Specialized Services

Custody that Goes beyond the Customary

At Fiduciary Trust, our mission is to simplify, clarify and manage the complex financial needs of our clients with the ultimate goal of establishing enduring, long-term relationships. Our definition of master custody goes beyond the expected, and includes specialized services.

  • Portfolio Unitization

Unitization accounting and reporting allows you to combine assets from multiple accounts and create investment pools, based on asset class or investment style. We offer a flexible and compre-hensive reporting capability by unit holder, investment pool and investment manager.

  • Comprehensive Performance Tracking

Our in depth reports provide you and your advisors with a transparent view of the performance of your investments. Customized reports provide results for your accounts, comparing their performance to industry-accepted benchmarks. We can measure the performance of portfolios for single or multiple accounts, in a separate or consolidated form, as well as individual holdings. Our detailed reporting allows you to see comparisons between different managers, specific accounts or the performance of your portfolio as a whole.

Specialized Services

We provide several value-added services to help simplify and manage your complex financial needs.


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