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An Intuitive and More Comprehensive View of Your Financial Information, Online, Anytime

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Increased Access and Security

Key Features

  • Access your account anywhere from any device
  • Self-service online registration and password reset
  • Unregistered device detection
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Inactivity time outs for protection

Your Financial Information in a Single View

Key Features

  • Summarized information for all your accounts on a single dashboard
  • Year-to-date change in account value
  • Asset allocation overview
  • Total estimated annual income
  • The latest investment and planning insights

Detailed Holdings Information

Key Features

  • Asset class detail for single accounts, a summary of all accounts or specified groups
  • Sector breakdown
  • Individual holdings detail
  • Tax lot information
  • Ability to safely download account data

Comprehensive Reporting

Key Features

  • Realized gain/loss tracking
  • Access to account statements and historical transactions
  • Historical tax documents, including 1099, K-1, agency and grantor letters
  • Performance summaries

Personal Service from a Dedicated Client Care Team

Key Features

  • Direct access to the dedicated Client Care Team (8:30am–8:00pm ET)
  • Initiate calls or emails directly from the site for help with any online needs