Activist Investor and Vice Chair Lisette Cooper Featured in Barron's

12.10.2020 - Lisette Cooper

Digital Privacy is a Great Idea, Except When it Isn't
Barron's December 4, 2020

The balancing act between personal privacy and public safety has bedeviled Big Tech since the advent of instant messaging in the mid-1990s. From the beginning, the thorniest issues arose from the online sexual exploitation of children.

But are technology companies responsible for the criminal use of their platforms? Many big investors now say they are. And that has led to one of this year’s most memorable shareholder initiatives, in which Lisette Cooper took on Facebook.

Cooper is a well-known advisor, the vice chair of Fiduciary Trust, Franklin Resources’ (ticker: BEN) $25 billion wealth management arm. An approachable investor with a doctorate in geology from Harvard University, Cooper has long been troubled by the growth in online child exploitation, and made preventing it a part of her professional work years ago.


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