Diversity and Inclusion Framework


Over the past several years, we have dug deep into the research focused on gender lens investing and investigated the broader subject and intersectionality of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), while sharing best practices and applications within our firm.

The topic of DEI is gaining importance in both impact and traditional investing practices as bias has been shown to be pervasive and persistent. Evidence-based diversity research places value on gender and ethnic diversity as well as diversity of thought. Inspired by our clients’ integration of social values into their investment portfolios, our firm has developed policy statements, model portfolios, and published thought pieces dedicated to this topic. As our research unfolds, it has led us to focus on the broader subject and intersectionality of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this report, we explore correlations between diverse workforces and financial performance.

We believe there are both moral and business imperatives to promote diversity and inclusion. Our research has led us to take stock of our own organization and to gradually implement actionable best practices across human resources as well as to more proactively promote a culture that fosters diversity and inclusion. Included in our report, we share a broad range of industry best practices that can improve a firm’s diversity and inclusion efforts as well as serve as a behavioral nudge to third-party investment managers and industry partners to increase awareness of the benefits of diversity and inclusion.


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