White Paper: Investing in Gender Equality: A practitioner’s perspective on gender lens investing and the construction of gender inclusive


This paper will outline the business dynamics of gender and the basic methods of integrating gender into financial analysis. It will then explore the various types of gender investment strategies currently available in the market, before closing with guidance on how these various practices come together in the context of an investment portfolio.

Unconscious behavioral biases influence everything from where people live to how they invest. Recognition of these biases has led to the creation of new mechanisms that can influence and change outcomes. Gender inequality is an all-too-familiar social injustice in need of new solutions. Wall Street is recognizing that gender awareness coupled with deliberate and intentional action can change behaviors and improve outcomes. This movement in finance seeks to reframe investment analysis to recognize gender as an absolutely critical factor—one that uncovers compelling opportunities and lays bare unseen risks.


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12.10.2020 Jeff Finkelman, Vice President, Sustainable Investing

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