Safekeeping Your Assets

Alignment of Interests and Protection of Assets

12.24.2018 - David J. Lederer

The dynamic changes in today’s markets have made many individuals and institutions alike understandably cautious about where they hold their assets. Founded in 1931, Fiduciary Trust has long been dedicated to navigating global markets and safeguarding client assets through changing and challenging times.

Backed by the deep and global resources of our parent company, Franklin Templeton Investments, Fiduciary Trust can provide sophisticated and comprehensive master custody services to our clients while delivering a highly personalized level of service. Since our inception, individuals, families and institutions, including foundations, endowments, pension funds, charities, government authorities and insurance companies, have looked to us as trusted advisors. Our unwavering focus on client service reflects our long-standing commitment to enhancing the value we bring to our clients.

Alignment of Interests and Protection of Assets

At Fiduciary Trust, client assets are never intermingled with firm assets. Client assets are separately held and belong solely to our clients. Furthermore, cash balances on deposit at Fiduciary Trust are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to the maximum extent allowed under the FDIC’s general deposit insurance rules.

Perhaps most importantly, Fiduciary Trust is a trust company, not an investment bank or a money center bank with investment banking subsidiaries. We do not manufacture and sell our own financial products, allowing us to avoid potential conflicts of interest and to operate solely for the benefit of our clients. This has enabled us to maintain our objectivity and remain dedicated to investing and safekeeping client assets.

Enduring Financial Stability

A culture of fiscal responsibility is embedded in all aspects of our business. The solid financial track record of Fiduciary Trust as well as that of our parent company, Franklin Templeton Investments, includes conservative balance sheet management practices, substantial liquid cash and investments and access to additional liquidity.

Continuity of Management

We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients through superior service, characterized by a high level of personal attention. Our clients benefit from the expertise and dedication of our experienced custody professionals who average over 20 years of industry experience and 15 years of tenure with the firm. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients has earned us a 98% client retention rate.

Providing over 85 Years of Strength and Stability

The tenets upon which Fiduciary Trust was founded – providing stability and sanctuary during a time of economic change–are as relevant as ever today. Our services have become more comprehensive and sophisticated over the years, but our core values and mission remain firmly grounded in those same founding principles.

We believe our prudent business practices and deep resources position us well to continue to preserve and enhance our clients’ assets for generations to come.


David J. Lederer