Value Added Services

Our specialized services are designed to provide clients with a one-stop, integrated solution, helping to simplify their financial lives.

Specialized Services

Custody Services

Highly Personalized Master Custody Services

We provide complete transparency over your accounts. We interact with multiple financial intermediaries, investment advisors, banks, brokers and other agents to provide a consolidated, easy-to-understand view of your assets that is personalized to meet your needs.

Seamless Account Administration

We take care to assure that the many administrative functions are managed efficiently across your accounts. These include tax-effectively settling securities, collecting dividends and interest, and processing proxy and corporate action materials.

Safekeeping of Your Assets

As master custodian, we safely hold investors’ assets separately in individual accounts. Clients’ assets are never comingled with the assets of the firm.

Dedicated Service

Our dedicated relationship managers act as a single point of contact, working closely with you to deliver personalized solutions for your specific situation.

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Safekeeping Your Assets

Fiduciary Trust has long been dedicated to navigating global markets and safeguarding client assets through changing and challenging times.


Estate Settlement

Settling Your Estate without Having to Settle

Our estate settlement services are designed to help your heirs receive the greatest benefit from your estate. We bring a thorough understanding of the many tax, legal and financial aspects of settling your estate or trust to handle the process in a sensitive, efficient and timely manner.

Diligence and Efficiency

As executor, we are responsible for promptly and effectively distributing assets, resolving administrative issues and minimizing tax consequences. Our duties include:

  • Collecting, valuing and taking possession of all assets
  • Executing appropriate purchases and sales
  • Settling debts and paying claims
  • Preparing tax returns and detailed final accounting
  • Distributing and closing the estate

Selecting an Executor of Your Estate

Key qualities to consider when choosing an executor for your estate.


Tax Services

Tax Preparation Services

Our tax team can assist in preparing and filing tax returns for you and your trusts, which may require more specialized expertise due to multiple schedules and more complex accounting.


Your personal tax officer can advise on every facet of tax planning and compliance.

Tax Preparation and Filing

We will prepare and file estimated taxes, federal and state gift tax returns, fiduciary tax returns, household employer quarterly reports and W-2's, and family limited partnership returns.  

Proactive Attention

We work for you all year long to maintain the most favorable tax environment for you, especially as tax laws change or your circumstances evolve. 

Tax Planning Strategies for 2019

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowered ordinary tax rates, reduced deductions and significantly increased the estate and gift tax exemption. New tax laws always require fresh, new thinking. With a little planning, the following strategies could take the sting out of your tax bill next year and for generations to come. As always, we’re here to help find opportunities. 



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