A Professional Trustee

Our fiduciary mindset is infused throughout our culture and grounded in decades of living and working by these high standards. 

Trust Administration


The Highest Standard in Trust Administration

With experience averaging more than 20 years, Fiduciary Trust’s highly skilled trust and estate attorneys honor our clients through their diligent execution of trustee and executor responsibilities. The pride we take in trust administration is evidenced by relationships with families and institutions spanning generations.

Trustee Services You Can Rely On

  • Closely follow your directives in managing your estate’s day-to-day responsibilities
  • May serve as executor to oversee sales and distribution of assets
  • Prepare tax documents and provide detailed final accounting

Is Your Financial Advisor a Fiduciary?

What it means, and why it matters


Seamless Administration

A Professional Trustee to Carry out Your Wishes

Under the oversight of our Trust Counsel, our trust officers and administrators manage the day-to-day responsibilities related to your trust to help ensure the directives laid out in your trust documents are closely followed. We are skilled in managing the personal relationships and family dynamics that often come into play.

Objectivity in Decision Making

We make major decisions with respect to discretionary distributions impartially and without bias. Our approach is grounded in both a professional understanding of trust provisions as well as the personal understanding we gain about you, your family and your family’s intentions.

Open Communication

Being readily available to you and your family is one of our highest priorities. Our trust officers and portfolio managers are directly available to you anytime. 

Be Fair to Your Heirs

When parents consider how to pass assets to their children, the question of how to divide wealth among the children fairly often arises.


Protection and Control

The Highest Fiduciary Standard

We abide by all legal and regulatory requirements of a trustee, and are also well-versed in handling the intricacies and delicate nature of this role.

Regulatory Oversight and Compliance

As trustee, any liability related to performing trustee duties are assumed by us, protecting you from any potential personal liability.

Detailed Reporting

We provide comprehensive reporting and follow income and principal accounting methods required for accurate trust reporting, saving you time and additional expenses.

The Benefits and Shortcomings of Revocable Trusts

Creating a revocable trust is probably the best way to ensure that your property remains available to be used for your benefit.  It can also provide flexibility, avoidance of probate and continuity of management.


Special Needs Trust Services

Longstanding Expertise and a Comprehensive Approach

Families of loved ones with special needs face many challenges. We offer considerable expertise gained from years of experience in special needs trusts, as well as a measure of sensitivity and compassion that affords families peace of mind in knowing that their family member’s care has been provided for.

Experience in Serving Special Needs

Our trust professionals have experience in several jurisdictions and provide compassionate and comprehensive care to families in a number of ways.

  • Giving “hands on” help in coping with a family member’s physical, cognitive, and/or emotional challenges
  • Helping to facilitate the process of securing proper health care and other governmental benefits
  • Helping to facilitate the design and construction of adaptive living spaces and/or the purchase and modification of adaptive vehicles
  • Delivering streamlined and efficient decision making when applicable law requires discretionary distributions

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Our team has the temperament, skill set and compassion to support beneficiaries, their families and caretakers under the most stressful conditions. For litigation-related matters, we work with families and their attorneys throughout the process.

Professional Trust Administration

Administration of a special needs trust is complex. It may be tempting to name a friend or family member as the trustee due to the individual’s familiarity with the family. However, the many tasks associated with managing the trust, the legal requirements and documentation are extensive and may be overwhelming for an individual to take on.



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