Tax-Smart Planning

Our professionals work hand-in-hand to develop wealth planning strategies designed to provide the greatest benefit to you and your heirs.

Wealth Planning


Wealth Planning for the Modern World

At Fiduciary Trust, our expertise lies in addressing your entire wealth management equation—managing your investment goals, structuring your wealth and administering your trusts to make sure your wealth can provide the greatest benefit to you and your heirs.

Planning for the successful transfer of wealth today takes place in a world where complexities in tax law and investment management arise rapidly, with potentially costly implications. Expertise from multiple disciplines must be factored in ahead of time to create a plan with the flexibility to manage the known as well as the unforeseen. Our experts are here to do just that.

Expertise for What's Known—and What's Uncertain

  • Protecting your legacy from the erosion of taxes
  • Creating flexibility to manage future considerations
  • Managing claims from potential creditors
  • Working in regular collaboration with your other advisors

Estate Planning Essentials: Trusts, wills and naming beneficiaries

No matter what your financial circumstances are, there are important estate planning documents everyone should have. These include a will, powers of attorney and a healthcare directive. In most cases, they also include a revocable or living trust and beneficiary designations.

Tax-Effective Wealth Transfer

Transferring Wealth Wisely

A primary consideration for many families is transferring wealth to heirs in a way that is most beneficial from a tax perspective.

We use an integrated planning approach to define your wealth transfer goals in the context of your overall financial picture, and develop strategies that help minimize the tax implications associated with reaching those goals.

Leveraging Tax-Friendly Trust Laws

Trusts can be used to exclude assets and the appreciation and income of those assets from your taxable estate. In that regard, Fiduciary Trust’s presence in the state of Delaware allows us to take advantage of its tax-friendly trust laws.

Gifting to Children and Grandchildren: How, When and How Much?

Gifting can help mitigate estate taxes, but even if taxes are not your primary concern, making gifts during your lifetime can allow your children to enjoy your gifts earlier and may make a great impact on their lives. It also provides you with the benefit of seeing your loved ones enjoy your gifts.


Charitable Giving Strategies

Giving “Giving” Careful Thought

For some families, achieving philanthropic goals is not simply a goal, but a cherished commitment. We can help you evaluate the questions of “what to give,” “when to give” and “to whom to give” in the context of your overall financial picture.

Choosing Solutions that Best Fit Your Goals 

Whether your strategy includes outright gifting, donor advised funds, charitable trusts or a private family foundation, we help guide you in making charitable giving decisions that best fit your goals and financial situation.

Making the Most of Your Charitable Giving

Charitable giving strategies can range from simple, outright gifts to complex multi-generational trusts and other arrangements. Fiduciary Trust is here to help you navigate this landscape, whether you want to make a one-time contribution or establish a philanthropic strategy that continues for generations.


Advanced Tax Planning

Tax Planning Expertise

Navigating the maze of tax laws can be extremely complicated, and missteps can be costly. We provide perspective on multiple facets of tax planning and compliance, consulting regularly with your other trusted advisors to help ensure you are aware of opportunities and risks.

Helping You Make Informed Tax Decisions

Our tax experts are well versed in individual tax issues as well as those associated with estates and trusts. Since tax decisions can significantly affect both you and your heirs, we work to ensure that you and your family make informed decisions related to the tax planning opportunities available to you.

Answering the Tax Question, Where Did You Live in 2020?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people spent a considerable amount of time outside their home states, which adds a wrinkle to this year’s tax process: Figuring out where they need to file state tax returns.



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